The Plan

Old World Map

Ummm… well to go sailing I guess. That’s about it at this stage.

Plans and sailing don’t mix well. You would only need to start doing a little reading before coming across this golden rule of the cruising sailor. Plans lead to trouble by encouraging sailors to push the limits more then they would otherwise for example to be at the next port on time to greet visiting relatives at the airport or to be in a particular port on time for some festival or the other. The ocean is a wild place that must be respected and deciding to weigh anchor based on a self imposed deadline rather than based on the weather conditions could be a costly mistake.

But when I say we have no plans, I’m not talking about this golden rule. I am simply meaning that we quite literally have no real plans and we are going to keep it this way.

  • Step 1: keep working hard for now while saving every penny to get our kitty ready to support our adventures.
  • Step 2: cut the dock lines and head wherever the wind’s blowing (so long as it’s a place where coconuts grow and rum is distilled). That’s it.

How does that thought make you feel? Excited? Terrified? A bit of both? So long as it doesn’t make you feel scornful that I could think such irresponsible things, we’ll get along just fine. Otherwise, stop reading now, get back to your safe suburban life and make sure your income protection insurance premium is paid, you’re not going to enjoy this blog much at all.

But what about the children!

Boat schooling. It’s like home schooling, except it’s on a boat… so it’s cooler. Math and English will be just as boring as for other kids, but for P.E. we’ll do doing snorkelling, diving, hiking etc… For history we’ll be learning about the past and present of the places we visit. For science we’ll be learning about meteorology, navigation, the animals we see along the way and the starry night skies. I really can’t imagine a better classroom than “the whole wide world”.

I don’t really think this part is even worth writing a paragraph about. There are plenty of blogs on the subject such as this one written by a friend.

Many kids are home schooled and turn out at least as well as their mainstreamed peers, the kids will be fine.

But what about the money!

See step 1.

And I’m lucky enough to be a half decent software engineer. If we have to stop for a while to top up the kitty, we’ll find a way.

But what about the future!

Well, for starters, I’m not sure I’ll still be around. In fact, I hate to say it, but I’m not sure you’ll be around either. Life is a fickle thing and we all know someone who dutifully worked their whole life squirreling 9% away every month into their superannuation just to croak before they got to enjoy it. That sounds like a gamble to me and the odds are too low for my liking.

So how about this idea… Take your chances now, get out there and do something crazy even if it means you’ll have to go back to work at some stage and work until you die. Go trekking in Nepal. Go live in a log cabin in Alaska for a few years. Buy a busted up old RV and take your kids to see the wonders of the world. I promise you that when you’re in your dying bed you won’t be saying that you wish you had worked harder, but you might say that you wish you’d had the courage to follow your dream.

By the way, retirement age in Australia has just been raised to 70! I don’t know about you, but I don’t know that many 70 years olds still fit enough to do much with their savings other then just survive. One thing is for sure, none of them are going to be sailing across oceans.